Enterprise crypto payment solution. Engineered for security and versatility.
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Security redefined

Keep private keys private. Retain total funds ownership.

Traditional crypto payment processors receive your funds and ask you to trust in their safe transfer. Coinfix removes all of your risk with its new secure implementation that works with zero hold over your funds.

No private keys, no deducting fees. Our unique and powerful solution does not touch your coins – you simply pay our processing fee to us after. We are redefining crypto security to keep you in control.

Flexible functionality

Meet and exceed your individual crypto security needs.

  • Airtight offline storage

    Fund stores are air-gapped from the internet. This provides your coins with additional offline safety and offsets exchange volatility.

  • Multi-sig support

    Optional extra securities include multi-signature protection. The choice of extra private keys to authorise your transfers further minimises risk.

  • 24/7 surveillance

    Around-the-clock security validates all transactions with detailed proofs and key info, and runs dedicated tools to react swiftly to and defuse all suspicious activity.

  • Powerful integration

    Open tech uses ongoing updates, new standards adaptation, and implementation changes for problem-free pairing with your existing technology platforms.

Reliable Support

Our skilled developers work diligently with you to optimise the Coinfix experience. We provide open-ended support to all of our clients and we are always ready to collaborate with your developers to share guidance, implement and deploy our solution. Together we keep you in control.

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